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Welcome to my very rough website; please excuse the mess while I get moved in. Currently I can't justify this as anything more than a hobby, and as such the time I can devote to it is limited.

Feel free to use any of these photos as you desire, but I would request that you leave the watermark intact. If you would like unwatermarked versions, please make what you feel is an appropriate donation using the shopping basket feature; I'll ensure you get access to the files in question within 48 hours. (Note: If you want multiple images, feel free to make the donation on one or a few of them and then just use the "I already donated" option for all of the others.)

Also note: Most of these images are unedited jpegs. If you want them retouched, I'll gladly do so but do request a minimum donation of $2/photo that you want retouched. As an example for what retouched photos look like, check out the "Retouched" album. If you do select this option you will receive the originals within 48 hours, but please allow me an additional day or so to finish up the retouching.

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